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Envirotite Services, LLC provides diverse application to the

construction industry.

These services include Spray Polyurethane Foam Roofing, single-ply membrane and metal roof restoration, concrete slab lifting process, decking, waterproofing, secondary containment liners, coating protection from corrosion and chemical, bomb blast mitigation and other specialty type coating applications. Our outstanding personal attention to our customer’s budgetary and performance expectations continue to set us above our peers doing what we do. Our company is mobile as it has clients in NY, MA, CT, PA, DE and our home state of New Jersey.
-Renewable: Never have to tear off your roof, just recoat. The systems are sustainable. -Roofing System Warranty: We offer labor and materials warranties that are meaningful, non-prorated and renewable. -Additional Services:  -Leak detection and troubleshooting services  -Infrared roof scanning  -Seam repair and coating Envirotite Roofing Systems are suitable for any type of existing roof configuration. This includes Built up, Modified, Single-ply (EPDM, Hypalon and TPO), Metal Roof, and Spray Polyurethane Foam Roofing.
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Envirotite “We’ve got you covered!” Leaky roofs?

Concerned about secondary

containment or chemical spillage? 

Want to make sure you’re in complete compliance with EPA requirements?  Deck surface restorations, waterproofing or other specialty type coating applications, Envirotite has you covered from top to bottom, Customized Solutions, One Customer At A Time. Your business is unique, and every building has its own preventive maintenance needs.  That’s why Envirotite takes the time to explore your most cost-effective options, offering long-term solutions you can trust — never “one-size-fits-all” quick fixes. Our top team personally reviews every site and our client’s concerns, bringing over 30 years of expertise in commercial and industrial problem solving: Roof restorations. Containment liners, Coatings you can count on to prevent and control spills. We’ve done it all, and are ready to help you now. Professionally, sustainability and quickly we provide overall savings with minimal downtime. One Call Does It All. With Envirotite on the job, there’s no need to coordinate with multiple vendors and suppliers. We’ll work directly with the best manufacturers for your project, developing a detailed proposal with straightforward estimates and a thorough scope-of-work plan.  Envirotite stands behind its work, offering our own labor warranties while helping you take advantage of manufacturer guarantees, rebates and government environmental incentives. • Commercial roofing systems        - Coatings for built-up/modified roofs  - Coatings for single-ply membrane flat roof systems restorations  (EPDM, Hypalon, TPO) - White roof coatings   - Spray Polyurethane Foam • Commercial waterproofing      - Polyurea roof coatings    - Polyurea floor coatings    - Foam coatings • Secondary containment systems - Containment liners   - Chemical agent resistant coating          - Containment barriers  
“Envirotite didn’t just upgrade our roof and containment systems. They protected us from worry.” “Affordable. Sustainable. Incredible. Envirotite runs a tight ship, covering every detail.”  “We have facilities in six states from Massachusetts to Delaware. They took care of each one, especially our concerns about downtime.”

Envirotite Services, LLC Roof Coating Systems...

provide a cost effective solution for renewing weathered and leaking roofs.  -Economical: No need for costly tear offs. Which saves time and is less intrusive.   -Insulate: Polyurethane roof foam provides a monolithic, seamless system that fully adheres to any substrate. It also provides the most effective R-value.  -Environmental: No wasteful tear offs, which impacts landfills. Our Systems offer cool roof technology and Energy Star status, which will lower energy costs.
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